Arts Council of Midland

Annual Meeting

Distinguished Art Volunteers & Subgrants Award Ceremony 

ACM is honored to present annual grant funding to area art organizations. Applicants and organizations are presented with funding made possible by ACM, City of Midland Hotel Motel Board and the Texas Commission on the Arts at an annual awards ceremony, organized by our board of directors and staff. “In the last twenty six years, ACM has distributed over $2 million in grants to area arts organizations,” said Danny Holeva, Executive Director for ACM. “It is an honor to be part of this collaboration with the City of Midland and the Hotel/Motel Tax Advisory Board as well as the Texas Commission on the Arts.” 

 During the ceremony, ACM also honors its distinguished art volunteers and names one as the “Arts Volunteer of the Year.”   “These volunteers make a difference in our community and there are many non-profits that depend upon these remarkable people in order to accomplish what they do.”


The Arts Council of Midland’s mission is “enriching lives with the arts through community-wide advocacy, education, outreach and promotion.” Our goals are to serve as the focal point of advocacy, coordination, promotion, and scheduling of the arts in Midland; to advance the arts in Midland through Subgranting to qualified local arts organizations; to be of economic benefit to Midland; and to facilitate art education.