Pony Soldier Motel

Maggie Walker-Nelson: Place & Things  June 29- September 9, 2018

The oft-nostalgic themes in M. Walker’s work draw from her desire not to be overlooked. Musings reminiscent of E. Hopper and C. Scheeler are of everyday items and places. By recognizing the mundane, the old, and the obsolete, they live a second life forced on to the presence of the viewer. Many times, she will hear the viewer sigh a simple “I think I’ve seen this….”; or tell a personal story that relates to the piece. For her, the connections are priceless.

She has explored the world of the unnoticed through many different mediums. Bold oils give life to worn out hotels and side street gas stations with a crisp geometric play on design. Found objects like phone books and library cards double as canvas material. Her work is not limited to any one genre, and it usually takes her several paintings to court her subject before moving on to the next.

In the past year, her most recent work comes from the Permian Basin. Never having lived in a place with mountains or palm trees, she couldn’t help but be dazzled. The paintings are titled Almost Exotic because they look like someplace beautifully remote but are actually dusty, Pecos, Texas. The heat and severity of the town lead her to find beauty wherever possible.

She is now working on a series inspired by her trip to Chicago last September and is thankful to have moved to Midland.

When M. Walker is not creating art, she works as a business consultant and enjoys helping friends with graphic design. Her greatest joy is husband, Gage, and new baby, Abigail Ivey.